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Automotive Collectors

The term ‘collector’ can apply to someone with 3 cars or 20+ vehicles. There are times when even a few cars or bikes can be difficult to manage if you spend your time flying from one meeting to the next.

This is where I can help, I can manage all the paperwork i.e. MoT’s, Insurance and road tax. I can oversee restorations, making on the spot decisions and checking invoices for correctness before arranging for them to be paid.
Security can often be over looked and I have associates who are specialists in this field whom I can call on to inspect and recommend security systems.

This means that when you are thinking about your collection you only need to have my phone number to deal with everything


Just parking or storing your vehicle collection in a barn or large garage is not always ideal and can place your vehicles at risk from various sources. Theft, fire, handling damage, atmospheric conditions and lack of use, all important factors in affecting the value and condition of your vehicle collection.

I can make sure your storage building is fully up to date and your vehicles are in perfect condition ready for you to use them when you want.

Private and public exhibitions

Preparing your vehicles to attend shows and events can be a lengthy task with various considerations from simply detailing and reliability checks to protecting your vehicles on site, collection and delivery, securing a safe location, the vehicle’s legal position and insurance cover.

The vehicle collections legal and taxable situation

All vehicles have a legal placement with various ratifications placed on them from the DVLA. These have to be kept in line with the ever-changing UK laws etc.


Keeping any vehicle collection safe comes back to the conditions and requirements laid down by specific insurance organisations. Liaising with vehicle insurance companies and obtaining their approval is vital in ensuring your vehicles collection is fully covered for all eventualities.

Care and protection

Vehicle collections that tend to be static require certain and regular inspections to maintain their value and workable condition. Engine oils, suspension and moving parts require attention and checking.
Also exercising a vehicle in a safe way is vital, not many people have driven as many different types of car and bike as me from Model T Fords to F1 cars and know how in this area essential.




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